About Game Exchange

Are you tired of paying $100 for a new video game, playing it for a month or two, then trading it in for $20 at your local video game store? Sick of wasting time searching and negotiating through online forums, just to find out the game is no longer available? GameExchangeApp.com alleviates that by allowing users to set up trades with other gamers who live nearby.

How does it work?

Once you're signed up, making an offer to trade, buy or sell is a simple three-step process:
  1. Click the "Make an Offer" tab
  2. Select "Trade a Game", "Buy a Game" or "Sell a Game"
  3. Enter the details of your offer:
    • For trades, enter the the game you own and the game you want in exchange
    • For buying a game, enter your desired game and how much you're willing to pay for it
    • For selling a game, enter your owned game and how much you're willing to sell it for
Once you submit your offer, Game Exchange will immediately prompt you if a match was found, and the match will be displayed on the "Matches" page. If there is not a match, but later a user shows interest in your offer, you will receive an email.

We update our games database using IGDB

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